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420kVA 415V Diesel Generator - Stamford Alternator Cummins Powered

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If you are a residential house or dwelling but you want to pick it up from the shipping depot yourself please choose industrial / commercial premises.


Power :

304kW / 380kVA 415 Volts 532Amps

Peak Power :

336kW / 420kVA

Power Factor :


Phase / Voltage :

Three Phase 415 Volt

Frequency :

50 Hertz - Electronic Speed Controlled

Engine :

CUMMINS 6 Cylinder Diesel Turbo Charged 6ZTAA13-G3



Cooling Process :

Water Cooled - Rated For Australia's North

Alternator :

STAMFORD Three Phase 4 Pole Brushless Synchronous -/c AVR HCI444F

Starter System :

24 volt Electric - Battery Included

Controller :

Comap MRS16 IL3


2 Wire / Remote Start Capable


Over Temperature Protection


Over Current Protection


Low Oil Protection

Safety Features :

Battery Isolator


Emergency Stop


Failsafe Shutdown Fuel Solenoid

Noise Level :

72 dB at 7 metres

Fuel  Capacity :

1000 Litres (-/c Fuel Gauge)

Running Time :

13 Hours Continuous (prime load)

Fuel Consumption :

77 Litres/Hour (prime load)

Chassis Enclosure :



Sound Deadening Throughout


Weather-Resistant Powder Coating


Stainless Steel Fittings


External Use

Mine Site Ready Bunding :


ATS (Mains Failure) :

Easy Connect Plug (ATS Box Optional)

Hardwire Terminals :



Australian Standard (IP67 Enclosed)

Options :

Automatic Start Systems








Wireless Remote


Solar System Compatible (Majority)


ATS (Mains Failure Detection / Auto Transfer Switch)


Minespec Padlockable Battery Isolator

Weight :

5,300 kg

Dimensions :

407 L x 160 W x 253 H cm

Kruger 420kVA diesel generator, 415V 3 phase generator will run and keep on running as long as you need it to, wherever you need it to. No conditions are too harsh, and no generators boast this level of safety and reliability at an industry low cost.

Our 420 KVA diesel generator up to the task of keeping your business or mine running for fourteen hours continuously on prime load and only using 72 litres of cost-efficient diesel fuel an hour.

It comes fully equipped with fail-safe engine protection, emergency stop and a battery isolator as standard.


  • Low RPM - 1500 RPM, 6 Cylinder Engine: Generators with a low RPM last longer and have a more stable operation.
  • Water Cooled: Perfectly suited for use in extreme temperatures
  • Safe, Quick Shutdown: Emergency stop button next to control panel
  • Won't Keep You Up: Very quiet operation thanks to a phenomenal Cummins engine
  • H-Class Insulation: Our Stamford alternator is built with it to run smoothly in high heat.


Benefits of Buying Kruger Generators:

All Kruger generators are either selected or specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment and usage. Kruger’s diesel generators are "made tough to last" for maximum longevity. They are also reliable, fuel-efficient and incredible value for money. It will be hard to find a generator of a better value in Australia.


Made Tough to Last: Kruger generators are either designed by our in-house generator experts or carefully selected from our preferred suppliers based on quality, performance, reliability, longevity and safety. They are built to high-quality standards and then each model is thoroughly tested, to ensure they will perform and withstand Australia's most challenging environments and usage.

Ready to Go: We supply this generator fully prepared and primed with all fluids, ready for use upon receipt. Our in-house team thoroughly tests and preps every generator set with all fluids so it's ready for use immediately upon receipt.

Easy-to-Find Consumables: It's such a hassle when consumables and parts you require to maintain your generator are hard to find, months after purchase when your supplier stops stocking for your model. Our generator consumables like filters will be available through us long after the warranty expires, or they are available almost everywhere.

Full Spare Parts Stocked, Long After Warranty Expires: We will continue to stock parts for all our generators long after the warranty expires to keep you up and running.



Cummins 12 months or 1000 hours limited warranty. Batteries are not included in our warranty. We warrant our products for faulty parts and defective workmanship. This warranty does not cover misuse, incorrect or irregular maintenance and accidents during use.

If a product or part is faulty, we require it to be sent back to us including a copy of the Tax Invoice. Once the item or part is tested and is faulty, it will be repaired or replaced under warranty. The purchaser is responsible for all postage costs of returning any faulty item back to us and is also responsible for the postage costs incurred when we send the replacement part back to the purchaser.

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