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7 kVA IN7500G Inverter Petrol Generator

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If you are a residential house or dwelling but you want to pick it up from the shipping depot yourself please choose industrial / commercial premises.


Big brand Killer the 7 kVA IN7500G Inverter Petrol Generator has a pure sine wave inverter and is a cost-effective way to a backup power supply to your home or business.  This versatile machine can also be primary power on your coffee van, food van, caravan, motor home, home or campsite with enough juice to run everything you need while not drowning out nature or your neighbours. 

Should I buy a name brand or cheaper aftermarket Generator?

Think of it this way in 1958 the Rolls-Royce Silver cloud would have cost you almost 3 times you're yearly wage what a beautiful piece of machinery and would still be working beautifully today however you would be trying to source leaded fuel and the fuel economy of that engine would be shocking in today's fuel prices. Spare parts would be difficult to find and would not be cheap. However a top model Ford would have cost 1/4 or less than the Rolls-Royce and you would have replaced it by now with a cheaper current car which kept on getting more fuel efficient, more modern gadgets with the latest technology and getting cheaper every decade, so paying big dollars for a name brand can be a false economy.

The IN7500G at half the price means you could buy two for the same price as one Japanise big brand inverter generator, but what would you do with two you may ask that's easy you can actually hook them up together to synchronise them as 1 14 kW power plant.


Key Features:

  • Pure Sinewave Output: Giving very clean power output

  • The Power You Need: Autothrottle control increases RPM on demand

  • Low Fuel Usage: Economy mode spares your wallet

  • Digital Display: Shows all generator power outputs and runtime

  • Long-Running: Less frequent refills thanks to a large fuel tank


Prime Power : 6.5kW / 6.5kVA 240 Volts /  27 Amps
Running Watts: 6.5kW
Standby Power : 7.5kW / 7.5kVA
Starting Watts: 7.5kW
Phase Voltage : Single Phase 240 Volt
Frequency : 50 Hertz
Engine : 420cc 4 stroke OHV single cylinder
DC Voltage: 12v
DC Current: 8.3Amp
RPM : 1000 - 3000 (load dependant)
Cooling Method : Air
Power Generation : Inverter - Pure Sinewave
Starter System : Electric Push Button / Remote (Bluetooth) / Recoil
LCD Display : Volts - Amps - RPM - Hourmeter - Low Oil Light - Low Fuel 
Noise Level :

59 dBA at 7 Metres (Idle)

65 dBA at 7 Meters (3/4 Load)

Oil Capacity : 1.45 Litres (10W30)
Fuel Tank Capacity : 25 Litres (ULP)
Running Time : 6.5-10 Hours Continuous (load dependant)
Fuel Consumption : 1.1 - 3.8 Litres/Hour (load dependant)
Chassis Enclosure : Enclosed - Plastic - Silenced
Single Phase Outlets : 1 × 32 Amp 240V
  2 × 15 Amp 240V
Overload Protection : YES
Weight : 130 kg
Dimensions : 95 L x 77 W x 78 H cm
Carton Weight : 145 kg
Carton Dimensions : 100 L x 65 W x 73 H cm
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