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Air Compressors for Sale

Our air compressors include screw-type air compressors and piston-type air compressors. Built with high quality in mind. Australia’s Standards (AS 1210-2010) Complaints. Buy an air compressor that's low priced. Unbeatable Value!

Besides air compressor sales, we also offer Air Dryers, accessories, and pumps. Also, check out our oil-free air compressor for sale. For the best prices and friendly service, call us today!

Diesel Screw Air Compressors 

Kruger Power diesel range of screw air compressors is designed for full industrial and commercial operation. Our diesel screw air compressors are perfect for heavy-duty works in panel shops, cabinet-making shops and manufacturing shops, industrial sites, and other similarly demanding environments.

Single Phase Air Compressors

Kruger's single-phase air compressor designs incorporate a heavy-duty steel frame and high-efficiency copper windings. With superior capacitors and long-life bearings, Kruger air compressors deliver reliability. Our range of single-phase piston compressors suit just about every application. Ideal for domestic, trade, and small industrial use.

With warehouses nationwide, we are able to deliver your order quickly. Buy online or call us today!


Air Compressors

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Cheap Air Compressors in Australia. Buy air compressor direct from the manufacturer and save!

Our range of air compressors includes piston and screw types. Diesel, petrol, and electric air compressors, single and 3 phase screw compressors available in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane. Our warehouses across Australia enable us to process your order efficiently and ship quickly. Kruger Power air compressors have the most reliable 3 phase air compressors in Australia.

Affordable freight, packages, and accessories, order online, or pick up from one of our warehouses. Buy direct from the manufacturer and save! Quality diesel, petrol, and electric air compressor for sale.