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Buy Generator Alternator or Generator Head at an unbeatable low price!

We stock generator parts and accessories to suit most generator sizes. Our alternator generator for sale ranges from 8KVA to 50KVA designed for reliable performance, low maintenance, and fuel efficiency.

Buy alternators for generators or generator heads for replacement or assembling your own generators. 

Our generator heads or generator alternators vary from single phase or three phases. These alternators are ideal for upgrading your generator with a brand-new alternator instead of rewinding it. These alternators feature a 1500 RPM 50HZ 415 Volt unit. They can be wired by an electrician for 240-volt output as well. The windings are high-quality copper windings with Class H Insulation, which means you will get quality power output close to mains quality. The output is a pure sine wave with a less than 2% @ 100 % load for THD. These alternators are designed based on the UC Type Stamford Alternator and are fitted with an Automatic Voltage Regulator, giving the operator a constant and stable voltage output.


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