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Generator Automatic Transfer Switches for Sale at Competitively Low Prices!

A generator automatic transfer switch or some may call it a generator switch box is the brain behind the operation in an event of a power blackout. An automatic transfer switch for generator monitors and manages power sources in your house. An automatic transfer switch allows safe switching between your mains supply (primary source) and your standby generator supply (secondary source) whilst ensuring both sources cannot be connected simultaneously. It does so by continually monitoring the incoming mains supply. If the voltage of the mains supply fails or is significantly reduced to create a brownout condition, it will immediately disconnect the mains supply and command the Generator to start. Once the generator is producing a stable supply it will transfer the load to the Generator. When a stable mains supply is restored it will carry out the reverse process, transferring the load back to the mains and shutting down the generator. The controller can accurately detect 2 ways-3 phase, 2 ways-1 phase, or even 2ways-2phase voltage. A generator switch transfer can also make an accurate judgment to conditions of abnormal voltage (loss of electricity, over or under voltage), control the ATS to transfer after your predefined delay.

Our range of ATS or automatic transfer switch for home generator models features modular configuration design, sturdy steel shell, compact structure with easy mounting and maintenance.

Buy ATS or generators automatic transfer switch that’s the best suit for your generator, if you need expert assistance on this, call us today!

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Buy ATS (Automatic-Transfer-Switch) for Generator at Warehouse Direct Prices!