What is the distinction of Inverter Generator from regular Generator?

While generator or inverter generator are commonly heard terms in power generation industry, it is vital to understand the distinction of inverter generator from the regular generator. If it is your first time purchasing a generator, you might be wondering, how is inverter generator differs from the regular generator?

A power Generator is a fuel powered motor joint to an alternator and that produces electricity. The motor of a generator runs at a constant speed to be able to produce the current needed. Similarly, Inverter Generator is a fuel powered motor joint to an alternator which creates AC power but the AC power is then converted to DC and then inverted to create sine wave electricity. There are two types of sine wave energy; pure sine wave energy and modified sine wave energy. Pure sine wave energy is considered superior to the modified sine wave energy. Mainly, because it doesn’t experience the spikes and dips in current. This makes it safer to use inverter generators with pure sine wave power generation for sensitive electronics, such as your digital cameras, smartphones, or sound systems.

Features of Inverter Generators:

Safe Energy for Sensitive Electronics

Most of the time, when looking for a power source; you’re looking for something all-round generator to use as a backup power source for your home or a portable power source for camping, RV’s and cabins. All of these usages have one thing in common; you’re going to power sensitive electronic devices, such as laptops, phones, tablets, GPS navigation system, and so on. The stable power of pure sine wave inverter generator makes it safer to use for these types of electronics.

Lightweight, Portable Design

With lightweight and portable design, inverter generator is

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