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Available in 70CFM & 105CFM Air Dryer Models

Compressed Air Dryers for Sale. Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers. 

Types of compressed air dryers for compressors include refrigerated air dryers and desiccant compressed air dryers.

What is a compressed air dryer?

Compressed air dryer in compressor filters water vapour from compressed air. When an air compressor compresses air, it also creates water formation or water vapour in the process which is caused effectively by high and rising temperatures. This water formation should be removed as it may eventually damage your air compressor. The compressed air dryer is used with an air compressor to filter out unwanted water formation in the process of air compression. A compressor air dryer is essential to avoid damage to pneumatic machines, air motors, and other components. Air dryer reduces the risk of production shut down.

Buy an air dryer compressor to maintain the full potential performance of your air compressor!

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