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Current Transformer CT 150/5 A

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A current transformer (CT) is a transformer that is used to produce an alternating current (AC) in its secondary which is proportional to the AC current in its primary. 

Current transformers are used extensively for measuring current and monitoring the operation of the generator's power supply. 

The CT150/5 is a plug-in current transformer. The current transformer has a rated primary current of 150 A and a secondary rated current of 5 A. The burden of the current transformer is 2.5 VA and its precision is according to class 1. 


Ultimately, depending on client requirements, there are two main standards to which current transformers are designed. IEC 61869-1 (in the past IEC 60044-1) & IEEE C57.13 (ANSI), although the Canadian and Australian standards are also recognised.

If you are a residential house or dwelling but you want to pick it up from the shipping depot yourself please choose industrial / commercial premises.

Primary Current (Ip) :

150 A

Secondary Current (Is) :

5 A

Standard Approvals :

IEC60044-1, EN60044-1, VDE0414-44-1, GB1208-2006 

Rated Frequency :

50/60 Hz

Rated Test Voltage (1 minute) :

3 kVAC

Rated Short-Time Thermal Current (Ith) :

40 × Ip 

Rated Dynamic Current (Idyn) :

2.5 × Ith

Rated Voltage :

720 VAC 

Continuous Overload (Id) :

1.2 × Ip

Operating Temperature :

-10 to 50 °C

Housing Self-Extinguishing Class :


Safety Factor :


Shipping Weight (kg) :


Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) :

- L x - W x - H cm

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