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Diesel Powered Generators Perth



Diesel Generators Perth, Cummins and Kubota Powered Generators Available





Generators Perth - 5kVA to 1100kVA Diesel Generators


Diesel Generators for Sale at Competitively Low Prices! Browse from our huge range of water-cooled diesel generators for sale from 7kVA to 1100kVA made with superior engines and high-quality materials carefully checked by our top-notch design team in Australia. Backed with a team of experienced and experts in power generation, Kruger diesel generators offer durable and reliable performance.


Competitively low priced and huge range of diesel generators for sale. Call us or visit the local warehouse near you!                                                      

Browse our huge range of water-cooled diesel generators from small to large applications.

Available in 7KVA to 1100KVA single phase and 3 phase generators available for sale.

Custom-built generators are also available, tell us your KVA requirement, we’ll build it!

Built with high quality in mind and Australian standards are highly met, our range of single-phase and 3 phase diesel generators offers great value to your money! Warehouse Direct Prices! All water-cooled system diesel generators come with 1,000 hours or 12-month warranties (extended warranties are available to purchase). High-Quality diesel 3 phase generators at competitively low prices, Buy Now!


Cummins Powered Generators


Cummins is a leading generator engine for achieving the generator’s ultimate performance and reliability. Delivering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for the commercial and industrial large powering requirements.

Browse our range of Cummins generators for sale, industrial large diesel generators. Built with Cummins-powered engines; the world leader in power generation. We incorporate our design and Cummins-powered engines to deliver the highest quality your industry need. Our Cummins-powered diesel generators come in a range perfect for large applications such as mining, construction sites, hospitals, and more. Buy industrial large generators built incorporated with the world's renowned Cummins engine.

Cummins Gensets for sale; industrial large diesel generators range from 82KVA to 550KVA sizes. For reliable power systems, buy Cummins-powered generators.


Kubota Powered Generators

Kruger Power’s range of Kubota-powered diesel generators is built by Kubota-powered engines, renowned worldwide for their superior reliability and long service life. Our range of Kubota generators is available from 7 kVA through to 19kVA, the small portable range is great for almost every application including home backup, camping, and trade use. We also have sizes to cater to industrial and mining applications. Give us a call to discuss your specific requirement. Kubota diesel generators are designed with the user and environment-friendliness in mind. Boasting ease of maintenance and transportation, user safety, reduced emissions, and quieter operation. Check out our series of diesel generators Kubota-powered.






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