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Generators for Sale Diesel

Diesel generator for Sale - Diesel Generators, Petrol Generators, and Inverter Generators to suit all your needs!

We also offer Synchronised gensets and custom-built gensets according to your requirement for sale.

Huge range of generators for sale; from diesel generators, petrol generators, inverter generators, portable generators, to large generators, industrial mine-spec ready diesel generators for sale at a competitive low prices!

For all things generator diesel, call us today!

Diesel Generators

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Diesel Generator vs Petrol Generators

Should I buy a petrol or a diesel generator? It's a tough question, Diesel engines have more noxious gases and CO2 than petrol-powered engines. However, diesel engines use less fuel, they can also emit less CO2 over time. Diesel generators last longer and are more reliable that petrol gensets.

The more power needed means a greater the need for a diesel generator. Petrol generators are great for small-scale projects, like camping or even running a small hobby farm, but for bigger power and efficiency a diesel generator makes it.

If you need your generator to provide power to farms or construction projects, or if you need a power supply far a off grid solar powered house, a diesel generator is for you.

Fuel Efficiency

While petrol is normaly cheaper at the pump the differences aren’t as extreme as they have been in recent years. What you really need to know about is the fuel efficiency of a diesel generator compared to its petrol guzzling counterpart. Diesel engines tend to be more fuel efficient than petrol engines, with a 120kW diesel generator achieving an efficiency of between 10.9 and 32.1 litres per hour depending on its load, which is considerably better than a petrol generator.

Why should you have a Generator?

Electricity plays an important part in our lives. The advancements in technology would not be possible without the use of power. In manufacturing industries, computer systems or home appliances, electricity is central to these functions. However, what if a power outage happens? To avoid being caught up with this situation, ideally having a generator will save you from this scenario. To have an alternative source of power like the generator avoids costly poor productivity especially if you are running a manufacturing business. Diesel Generators can power homes, camp sites to large industrial power demands such as mining and manufacturing sites. Diesel Generators boast features such as Self-Ignition Design, Fuel efficiency, and Stable operation. With Diesel Generators, you can get all jobs done efficiently and the probability of breakdown is less.


So the diesel generator’s low fuel consumption wins round one, but what about longevity? There’s no point in splashing out on a nice, shiny new generator if it’s going to break down after a few uses, so which is best for long-term service?

Petrol generators strain to produce the desired power levels, diesel machines can produce the same wattage without breaking a sweat. Because they do not need to work as hard to give you the power you need, less pressure is placed on them meaning that less maintenance is required.

Also the self-lubricating properties of diesel fuel helps to the longevity of a diesel generator.

With a petrol generator, you will need to use additional lubricant 2-stroke engine oil, for example, which may cause its fuel delivery system to deteriorate after extended periods of use. This leads to costly repairs and maintenance jobs, two things that you do not have to worry about with an oil-based fuel.

Another thing that gives the diesel generator engine the upper hand is the lack of an ignition system. It simply doesn’t need one, which means one less thing to fail. Also, they can operate at loads between 60% to 100% for longer periods, which is an advantage over petrol gensets.

You can find diesel gensets powering smaller loads, such as domestic appliances for back up or DIY tasks, the advantages are best seen in heavier industrial and mining applications. In fact, they are the backbone of the mining and construction industries.

Our range of generators for sale ranges from 7KVA to 1100KVA models.

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