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Buy Diesel Generator at Competitively Low Prices!

From 5kVA Mitsubishi-powered generators to 2200kVA Generators

Browse from our huge range of water-cooled diesel generator for sale from 5kVA to 2200kVA made with superior engines and high-quality materials carefully checked by our top-notch design team in Australia.

Backed with a team of experienced and experts in power generation, Kruger generators deliver durable and reliable performance. 

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Diesel Generators

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Diesel Generators for Sale at Warehouse Direct Prices!

Benefits of Diesel Generators:

A diesel engine is slower revving than a petrol engine giving longer engine life and lower fuel consumption A Diesel powered generator is by far the best choice for off-grid power production or as an ideal complement for off-grid solar power for running your home essentials like your kitchen, laundry, and lighting. With a much longer shelf life than petrol, Diesel fuel also far more economical. A diesel generator will run on half the fuel of a petrol generator. That's savings you can't ignore.

What is the best home backup generator?

The best option is a silenced 1500RPM unit. The largest contributing factor is whether the generator will be used as the primary source of power or for emergency backup in the event of a power outage.

Our range of Diesel Gensets for sale includes Cummins powered; Kubota powered as well as OEM powered generators are designed to meet Australia’s standards. Single Phase generators and Three Phase generators are available to choose from. Kruger Power generators are designed to deliver reliability and efficiency. Every water-cooled generator diesel comes with 1,000 hours or 12 months warranty. We can also build synchronous diesel generators for large applications and for those who wanted to run their generators at all times without the likelihood of downtime.

Find the largest selection at the best pricing on generators and construction equipment, near you and across Australia.

Highly Rated in Australia - Water-cooled Diesel Generators!

Kruger’s range of diesel generators sale is designed to highly meet Australian Standards. With many years of industry experience of our design team, Kruger generator designs are evolving to incorporate and keep with the pace of advancing technology. Check out our new series of generators with advanced control and powerful alternators housed in all-new cabinets!

Our diesel generators for sale equipped with a reliable engine. OEM powered, Kubota-powered, Cummins-powered, and Mitsubishi-powered. Check out our Kubota-powered and Cummins-powered diesel generators.

Cummins-Powered  Generators

Built with Cummins-powered engines; the world leader in power generation.

We incorporate our design and Cummins-powered engines to deliver the highest quality your industry need. Our Cummins-powered diesel generators come in a range perfect for large applications such as for mining, construction sites, hospitals, and more. Buy industrial large generators built incorporated with the world's renowned Cummins engine. Cummins Gensets for sale; industrial large diesel generators range from 82KVA to 550KVA sizes.

Kubota-Powered Generators

Our range of Kubota generators is available from 7 kVA through to 19kVA.

Kubota diesel generators are designed with the user and environment-friendliness in mind. Boasting ease of maintenance and transportation, user safety, reduced emissions, and quieter operation. Check out our series of diesel generator Kubota powered.

Kruger Generators Features:


Our water-cooled, diesel generators are rated to be tough enough for Australia's North for ultimate dependability. Our Generators operate with a standard runtime of 24 continuous hours on prime load to keep your home, business, or workshop operating for prolonged periods of time - weeks, not just for hours.


Kruger diesel generators have full (ELCB) earth-leakage protection protecting you against electrocution and is a requirement at all homes and workshops according to Australian Standards.
They are fully equipped with fail-safe engine protection (low oil pressure shutdown, over-temperature shutdown, alternator overload control, general generator fault management)

MineSpec Ready

Kruger Power has a full range of Mine spec-Ready generators in-stock.
Industry-Standard Warranty, Parts, and Support: We proudly stand behind our gensets with an industry-standard one-year (or 1000 hours) warranty and backup service on our diesel generators. We've got you covered, from faulty parts to defective workmanship for your peace of mind.

Do you need to know more about our synchronised power generators? Call our friendly staff today! 

Whether you're on a worksite, a farm, or a remote workstation of any kind, having a reliable, durable power source is a must. Otherwise losing power means losing valuable time and can set you back days, so make sure your diesel generator is from Kruger Power.

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Most essential household appliances can be run with a diesel 5kVA to 10kVA generator. These include things like a reticulation pump, refrigerator, freezer, and lighting circuits. A diesel generator around 7.5kVA running watts can run all these appliances at once. 

Diesel fueled generators last the longest and if serviced regularly, a big brand generator could last to 50000 hours, but is that the way to think? At the time of writing this you could buy a big Brand25 KVA generator for $24,000 or more or you could buy a 25 kVA Kruger generator for $12,000 and if serviced properly should last you over 20000 hours, running 4 hours a day it will last for 14 years before you reach 20000 hours, After 20000 hours both machines will reduce in fuel efficiency and also increase engine emissions so considering the Kruger cost you half as much it makes sense that if you need one after 14 years you can buy a new one with the latest technology.

For RV, a petrol 3kVA – 4kVA generator would be ideal. Why petrol? It's better to have the same fuel type as your car, so if you have a diesel motor in your car them get a diesel generator