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We offer a wide range of high-quality fuel tanks for small to large applications.

Built with quality in mind and to highly meet Australia’s Safety Standards, from poly fuel tanks to large cube bunded fuel transfer tanks. Our poly fuel tanks are available in 200L and 500L capacity. For larger requirements, browse our extensive range of Cube Bunded Fuel Tanks, offering a 450L tank capacity to 50,000L capacity plus, customized size is available according to your requirement. Designed and approved for site storage and transport of diesel, petrol, lubricants, and waste oil.

Poly Diesel Tanks

Kruger Power’s popular range of Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks is ideal for use in the storage and transfer of fuels. Our range of poly fuel tanks is fitted with a heavy 12V diesel pump, lockable filling cap & cover, high-quality nozzle digital flow meter for accurate cost control. These lightweight diesel fuel tanks are perfect for safe storage and transfer of fuel, ideal solution for back of UTE or Truck, and trades.

Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks

For larger requirements such as industrial use, Self-Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks is the way to go!

Bunded Fuel Tanks have a variety of applications such as external fuel supply for generators, pumps, and other diesel-powered equipment. The internal baffled makes it ideal for fuel transport and as stationary fuel storage or onsite storage of fuels. Kruger’s Self Bunded Fuel Tanks are designed and built to withstand the Australian demanding conditions. Carefully designed to feature security, ease of use, and robust finished container. Kruger’s bunded fuel tanks are designed with environmental sustainability in mind!

Buy diesel fuel transfer tank at warehouse direct prices. Our range of bunded fuel cubes starts from 450L to 100,000 Litres capacity. These can be used in a variety of applications including agricultural, mining, and civil works.

Diesel or Petrol Fuel Tank for Sale. For further Details and Competitive Quotations, Call Us Today!

Fuel Transfer / Storage Tanks

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 At Kruger Power, we put safety first in mind! Kruger Powers range of lightweight diesel poly fuel tanks for sale is the solution for simple and safe diesel transfer for all types of diesel trade, industrial or agricultural industries. The transfer tank is a perfect solution for the back of UTE or Truck. Also known as auxiliary diesel fuel tanks.

Our range of bunded fuel tanks come equipped with features for industrial use and designed to highly meet Australian Fuel Storage Regulations and Safety Standards. With a specifically formulated diesel grade polyethylene-built tank, pump, and high-quality nozzle, Kruger Power’s portable diesel fuel tanks deliver ease of use and mobility while not compromising the safety standards. They come with a heavy-duty 12-volt diesel pump pad-lockable filler cap, nozzle with digital flow meter for accurate cost control, static prevention earth strap, and a point for secure mounting.

At Kruger Power, we put safety first in mind! Our range of bunded diesel tanks for sale comes equipped with features for industrial use and designed to highly meet Australian Fuel Storage Regulations and Safety Standards. Bunded to 110% of tank capacity. Constructed of mild steel. Pressure tested and hydrostatically tested and baffled for safer transport. Do you have a specific requirement? We can build customised to your need, Call our team today at 1300 676 820.