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Portable Reciprocating Piston Diesel Air Compressors Sale

Browse our range of diesel piston air compressors from 70 litres to 160 litres air tank capacity. Our reciprocating diesel air compressors or piston diesel air compressors can power equipment and tools such as impact wrenches, air hammers, nail guns, air jacks, spray guns, grinders air drills screwdrivers ratchets, cutters, and more.

Built with high-quality materials for reliability and durability, our diesel piston air compressors have received many positive reviews from our customers.

For cost efficiency and reliability, buy direct from the manufacturers. With warehouses in Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne, we can process and ship your order more efficiently and quickly, contact us today

Portable diesel air compressor for sale at guaranteed best prices!


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Diesel Air Compressor for Sale. From 13CFM to 42CFM Air Compressors.

Why Buy a Piston Air Compressor from Kruger Power?

For over 30 years in the industry, we have built a strong reputation in delivering uncompromising quality, service, and product knowledge.

Uncompromising Quality 

Our piston air compressors are built to last. They are constructed from tough cast iron instead of aluminium and on top of that, our air compressor pumps run at low RPMs, as a result, they last longer and the engine runs cooler. All our air compressors use copper connecting pipes and stainless steel reed valves for durability and longevity. Their raised heads and multiple cooling fins also allow better heat dissipation. 

Certified Quality

All our air compressors are designed and built to Australian Standard AS1210 with a design life of 20 years. All our air compressors can be 100% rebuilt - they are not cheap throwaways!

Warranty and After-Sale Support

At Kruger Power, we are extremely confident in the quality of the air compressors we supply which is why we offer generous warranties and comprehensive after-sale service. We have fully equipped workshops across Australia with most spare parts available and professional personnel who ensure you’ll get the right support and advice.