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Poly Diesel Tanks for Sale - Available in 200L and 500L.

Buy Now and Save from our low priced Portable Poly Fuel Transfer Tanks!

Our portable diesel fuel tanks are designed to meet Australia's standards for the storage and transport of fuels. Buy portable fuel tanks at unbeatable prices!

Our range of poly fuel tanks from 210L to 500L units is a great alternative to self-bunded tanks. Poly diesel tanks are ideally suited for tradesmen or those who do not exactly require bulk fuel tanks. The lightweight polyethene-built tanks or poly tanks offer easier transport, easy to load and on and off in the back of a ute or 4x4 car.

Kruger Poly Fuel Tanks Highlights:

Lightweight & Durability – as the name suggests, it will not rust because our diesel fuel transfer tanks are constructed with an industrial-strength diesel-grade polyethene and are built to meet the rigorous Australian standards.

Accurate & Easy Refuelling – the 12V diesel pump can easily be connected to your car’s battery. Our auxiliary diesel fuel tanks' high-quality digital flow meter nozzle, as well as its hose with swivel fitting, offers accurate cost control and an easy refuelling system.

Safe and Secure – The pad-lockable lid gives you an option to secure your fuel against possible theft and more importantly, you can buy with confidence knowing that our poly diesel tanks are fully approved to Australian safety standards.

Low Maintenance – poly diesel fuel storage tanks are rust-resistant and corrosion-free, so it only requires low maintenance and in the long run, you’ll surely save time and money.



Poly Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

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Portable Poly Fuel Tank for Sale. From 200L to 500L Poly diesel fuel transfer tanks in stock.

With warehouses in Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we can ship your order efficiently and quickly and at a cheaper shipping cost across Australia.



ABLE 200 litres to 1000 litre fuel storage poly tanks is skillfully designed to mount at the back of the utes or trailers. Ideal for use on the farm, in remote areas, or for commercial applications. 


ABLE Diesel Fuel Poly Tanks Highlights:
  • Thicker tank walls as a result of more raw materials used in the moulding process
  • Quality raw materials offer ultimate UV resistance
  • Tough poly construction eliminates seams, welds, cracking and corrosion
  • Quality 12v self-priming transfer pumps with high transfer rates
  • Simple and effective tie-down locations
  • Forklift tine recesses on some models

Each tank comes with an integrated diesel transfer pump which is housed under a protecting and lockable top folding cover. The pumps are mounted with a top entry suction line into the tank and a 4m discharge hose with an automatic fuel nozzle. This setup is very simple and tidy and makes using a breeze. Connect the included alligator clips to a 12v battery and you're ready to transfer diesel from the tank to your machine, boat or vehicle.

The 200L to 1,000L models feature high flow 40L/min diesel transfer pumps All pumps are commercial quality and are capable of pumping for extended periods. Each unit features an automatic cut off nozzle with an integrated swivel fitting. This combination means hose twist is eliminated and you will never overflow the tank you're filling. Similar to your standard diesel browser, when the tank is full, the nozzle will automatically shut off the flow.

Each pump includes an internal bypass valve which means it can be run with the automatic discharge nozzle closed for short periods. This is important and is not always seen on lower quality pumps and having this bypass ensures the pump does not overload and overheat prior to turning the pump off, ultimately ensuring a long operating life. What's more? These poly tanks are rotomolded from high-quality UV stabilised plastics to deliver a seamless and virtually leak-proof diesel storage solution. When designing plastic tanks many companies cut corners and leave out the expensive ingredients which make the plastic resistant to UV attack. The ABLE poly fuel tanks have UV blockers and carbon black additives which give a high UV resistance. These poly fuel tanks also use more raw material to deliver thicker walls and more strength and resistance to wear and tear. The 200L, 400L and 1,000L size tanks have moulded in recesses for forklift tines making relocation and loading of these tanks simple.