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7HP Diesel Powered Reversible Plate Compactor 30kN 170KG

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Engine :  

Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke

Engine Type :

Diesel Engine 178FE

Engine Power (HP) :


Bore & Stroke (mm) :

78 x 62

Displacement (L) :


Normal Speed (rpm) :

3000                       3600

Rated Output (kw/hp) :

3.68 / 5                   4 / 5.5

Fuel Consumption (ml/kwh) :

378                           391

Fuel Capicity (L) :


Oil Capacity / Type (L / SAE)) :

1.1 / 10W-30

Crankshaft Direction :

Clockwise from Flywheel

Cooling Type :

Forced Air Via Flywheel Fan

Lubrication Type :

Pressure Splash

Starting :  

Electric with Battery / Recoil

Vibration Unit Oil Capacity (ml) / Type (SAE) :

200 / 10W-30

Forward/Reverse :

1 Forward / 1 Reverse

Operating Weight :  

170 kg

Base Plate (mm) :

700 × 500

Max.Centrifugal Force (kN/kgf) :

30 / 3060

Vibration Frequency (Hz/vpm) :

75 / 4500

Compaction Depth Maximum (cm) :


Travel Speed (cm/s) :


Compacted Area (m2/h) :


Climb Ability :

 0 - 12 degrees

Dimensions :

115 x 50 x 90




High Density DONALDSON Air Filter Kit

Shipping Weight (kg) :


Shipping Dimensions (cm) :

83 x 53 x 96


High Quality. Competitively Low Priced. 7HP Diesel Powered Reversible Plate Compactor for Sale.

Our diesel-powered reversible plate compactor is ideally used for compaction of soils, asphalt or shaking in of paving stones.

Compaction is achieved through a centrally mounted exciter which is firmly joined to the lower mass. An infinitely variable transition is available between vibration in forwarding motion, at standstill and in reverse motion via a hydraulic control handle near the handgrips. Engine speed can also be varied by the throttle control lever near the handgrip. There is a decompression mechanism to ensure that compression is low during the cranking operation to ease the starting procedure.

You can opt to a DONALDSON air filter for increased protection & extended life of the single-cylinder diesel engine.


The warranty is for 12 months.

We warrant our products for faulty parts and defective workmanship. This warranty does not cover misuse, incorrect or irregular maintenance and accidents during use.

If a product or part is faulty, we require it to be sent back to us including a copy of the Tax Invoice. Once the item or part is tested and is faulty, it will be repaired or replaced under warranty.

The purchaser is responsible for all postage costs of returning any faulty item back to us and is also responsible for the postage costs incurred when we send the replacement part back to the purchaser.

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