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Tamper Rammer 4HP 15KN - 75KG

In stock

Shoe size:

34 × 28 cm

Operating weight:

75 kg


65 mm

Percussion rate:

650 blows/min

Travel speed:

13 m/min

Engine Type:

Petrol 4HP 4 Stroke Honda GX100



Fuel consumption:


Fuel capacity:

3.5 l


73 × 42 × 110cm

Shipping Dimensions:

78 x 48 x 116 cm

Shipping Weight:

88 kg

Tamper rammer otherwise called jumping jackhammer or wacker packer is a great tool for use in the compaction of backfill in trenches and other narrow excavations.

Our 4-stroke petrol-powered tamper rammer is powered by Honda GX100 petrol engine and with its 340 × 285mm plate, it powerfully assists the operator to achieve a great compaction needed for trenches. Additionally, its anti-vibration mounts also add efficiency to compact almost all soils except soft soil with much water. The jumping jack or wacker packer is perfectly suited to compact the base of a road, a dike and a building, and can be used to backfill of a gas pipe, a water pipe and cable.



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